What is the geographical range of the Speaker?
The Speaker is available anywhere in the world.

I’ve booked the Speaker, can I have support for the organization?
Yes, as soon as you book the event, our PR team will get in touch with you to give you all the support you need to organize a successful event. You will get support up to the day of the event and we will support you also after the event for your press releases or feedbacks.

Can the speech be customized?
Yes, as soon as you book the event, our PR team will get in touch with you to define the contents of the speech We suggest to stick to the basic speech contents we propose, adapting them wherever you need. If necessary, also the Speaker will step in in this phase, to find the best customisation possible.

Can I talk with the Speaker before the event?
Yes, we can organise a call or video call with the Speaker so that you can define any detail of the event directly with him.

Can you help with press images and/or videos?
Yes, we have a partner video production company that can send along with the Speaker a cameraman. Our partner company develops at a very competitive price a video production dedicated to the event or can shoot pictures for your press releases.

Is it possible to have signed copies of the Speaker’s novels?
Yes, this happens often. You can buy as many copies of whatever novel you want at half price (typically as many as the attendees). We will arrange to have them delivered to the event’s place in advance. After the keynote speech the speaker will be available to sign personally each copy.

How does the booking and payment process work?
Once the event’s date is agreed we will send you the invoice. Payment is upfront. Our team will then help you organize the event and the contents of the speech, the speaker himself will be available to talk with you about any detail of the speech.

What is included and what is not included in the Speaker’s fee?
The Speaker’s fee does not include travel and stay, which will be agreed separately with your organization depending on your location. Also, if you wish to order copies of a specific novel to distribute to attendees, they need to be considered as an extra cost, although we will apply a 50% discount on the cover price. Please note the Speaker is based in the European Union.

How far in advance do I need to book the Speaker?
We always suggest to book well in advance, so that we have time to help you with the planning of the event and any customisations of the speech you may want.

What happens if I have to postpone the event?
Don’t worry, in such an event your booking remains valid and there are no additional costs. We will rearrange a new date with the Speaker. However, remember travel and stay are not controlled by us and need to be managed.