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Novelist Davide Amante is available for hiring as a Keynote Speaker for your events.


Davide Amante is an influential novelist and a much sought-after speaker. His engaging talks and principles have influenced numerous leaders and teams in organizations and in various professional fields. Davide’s famous speech ‘Kulturbarer’ touches a variety of topics (leadership, teamwork, business culture, spirit of service), generates enthusiasm and motivates audiences.

Each speech is customized to meet your goals in terms of length ad of content.

Hiring an internationally successful novelist as a speaker conveys to your organization a unique combination of business knowledge and creativity, and empowers your team and leadership with innovative, intelligent and open-minded points of view on important business issues.

The experience of having a novelist in your organization is truly unique and noteworthy, an unparalleled moment for your organization, that surpasses by far the conventional speaker-performer that motivates audiences.


Diverse perspectives

Novelists, by nature, possess a broad range of experiences and perspectives. Their ability to view the world through various lenses allows them to offer fresh insights and unconventional wisdom.


Curiosity & attention

Hiring a novelist as a keynote speaker means bringing to your audience a charismatic and successful author with a broad culture, who generates curiosity and inspiration in your attendees, typically setting a positive and interested mood.



Hiring a novelist as a keynote speaker means inviting someone who understands the art of empathy and can communicate complex ideas in a way that resonates with a diverseaudience. This connection fosters engagement and ensures that the message is not only heard but also deeply felt.


Storytelling expertise

Novelists are masters at creating narratives that resonate with emotions and draw audiences into different worlds. This storytelling prowess can transform your event into a memorable experience, leaving a lasting impression on attendees.


Impactful messages

A successful novelist is someone who has much to say about business because they not only have an insight in creativity but also know how to transform creativity into business.



Novelists can inspire, motivate, and provoke thought in ways that resonate, in leaders and teams alike, long after the event has concluded.

A unique and completely different story compared to the conventional corporate speakers. Charismatic, interesting, original. It is the right choice for a Team building or Leadership event or, in fact, any business event.
Expo Magazine

Having a novelist introducing a corporate event is in itself an original and stimulating fact for everyone. We listened to his ‘Kulturbarer’ speech and were amazed by his ability to give a concrete contribution to the company by inspiring teams and opening up original points of view.

The novelist Davide Amante has received recognition for ‘Best Motivational Keynote Speaker of the Year 2023’ in this year’s Media Innovator Awards from Corporate Vision. Appreciated and sought-after by corporations in the European Union as well as in the US, novelist Davide Amante has revealed a new trend and the advantages of hiring an author as a keynote speaker. 
AI Corporate Vision

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