The ‘Kulturbarer’ speech is known and appreciated by organizations and lasts approximately 45 minutes. It can be customized for your event.

Kulturbarer, a strategic approach to innovation and the incorporation of the organization’s values to achieve the innovative advantage.

Introduction to Innovation 
The example of Moitessier and the race with oneself; Believing in yourself and in your work. 

Innovation & Change in the business environment
The meaning of Innovation; A Survey of the Association of American Colleges and Universities; The Coca Cola positive example; The Kodak negative example; Emerging opportunities; Innovation as an attitude

Incorporating the organization’s values and determining innovative advantage

Vision & Strategic Intent
The example of Michelangelo Buonarroti; Strategic Intent; Nasa’s Apollo Mission; two historic examples of Strategic Intent; Strategic Planning versus Strategic Intent; The example of Filmmaking and Strategic Intent

Determination and perspective in the corporate environment
Thinking out of the box; The example of parallel routes in the Sahara Desert; The power of perspective in business; The example of Perspective in navigational triangulation and sharks

Passion as a key element in corporation success
JFK’s Texas speech, Corporation and individual success; Orson Welles; Enthusiasm