Davide Amante is an influential novelist and screenplay author that sells internationally, translated in many languages. His charismatic and inspiring attitudes make him a unique speaker for organisations and institutions throughout the world, that are looking for something more than the conventional speakers, full-time dedicated to public speaking. He is not a professional keynote speaker, rather he is a very effective and inspiring keynote speaker that brings his professional experience in the publishing and film industries to audiences, with a broad culture and a unique ability to combine creativity with business results.

He is the bestselling author of The Wallenberg DossierThe Guardian of the Stars – the journey of Anais with the wind and L’Affaire Casati Stampa among many other works. His work has been translated into more than six languages. He lives in Italy. The Wallenberg Dossier was awarded best novel 2021 and The Guardian of the Stars – the journey of Anais with the wind is considered a masterpiece of literature for children and adults.