The event

Dma business communication course and team building event, with a world renowned novelist and screenplay author.

This course is an exceptional occasion to meet in person a high profile novelist and address with him in a positive and encouraging mood the skills of communication.

The course is practical and teaches to use an organized thinking method, develop communication strategies, communicate effectively. These are indispensable skills that any business faces every day. The skills can be drastically improved to benefit the company and for the personal growth of the management, the sales force and all employees. 

Business communication is the process of sharing information between people within and outside a company. Effective business communication is how employees and management interact to reach organizational goals. Its purpose is to improve organizational practices and reduce errors. Effective communication affects processes, efficiency, and every layer of an organisation. Organizations with connected employees have a spike in productivity of up to 25%.

What makes the difference and what makes this event unique is that the speaker is an undisputable novelist internationally renowned. This event is an exclusive partnership developed by DMA Communication.

Follow up
A Q&A remote Follow up is included in the event. Participants can ask any questions they wish at the Q&A video conference which takes place about 4 weeks after the event.

Language of the event

Duration of the event
2 hours + 2 hours availability of the Speaker for a direct Question&Answer session.

Location of the Event
In the organization’s premises, anywhere in the European Union.
Please contact us via e-mail to organize an event outside the European Union.

The Speaker
Internationally renowned novelist, his novels are published in over 5 countries. Has reached communication and modern literature. Is a consultant for companies and global publishers in communication matters. Works in the film industry as a screenplay author. Sells over half a million copies each year. Visit here the novelist’s website.

Number of participants

What you get with this course
Clarity and sharpness of thought along with an appropriate communication strategy, help you take your communication skills to the next level. You will learn well-honed methods to communicate within the company and outside the company.
However, Business communication – Public Speaking – Communication strategies require more than just the usual more or less effective methods typically learned in these kind of events. Here, a professional novelist and screenplay author steps in to take you that further mile that truly makes the difference.
You will navigate in a plain and simple language through topics such as self-awareness, charismatic communication, audience identification, correlative empathy, influence, non-verbal communication, rhapsodic composition and storytelling, effective communication, communication behaviors, rhetoric and compositional techniques, exploitation of errors, storytelling, timing and time management in business communication , concealed cinema and literature techniques applied to business, and much more.
The purpose of the course is practical and business oriented. It is not a theoretical course. It aims at allowing participants to fully utilize and feel comfortable with the new voice they’ve discovered.

Participants and the organisation will receive an exclusive DMA Publishing Group certificate in recognition of their completion of this program.

The organisation will benefit from this event in terms of clear improvement for the Management, the Sales force and the employees, in localising and organizing the organization’s mission, developing strategic thought, internal communication and external communication.
Participants will communicate with poise and clarity, learn how to build connections that foster trust and rapport, build commitment, consensus and collaboration throughout the organization, tailor your communications to gender, generation and position, tap into the power of your own communication style to get the results you want, apply skills to connect and engage with audiences, whether in-person or across a digital divide, improving performance and collaboration.

The event can be organised on remote upon request.

Foto by Henri Mathieu-Saint-Laurent from Pexels