Planning and price

Please get in touch with us and submit your event’s favorite date and location.
We will also provide you with all the answers you need regarding the Speaker, the Main topics of the event, the mood and the organization of the event. We answer within one working day.

Once the date is confirmed we will send you our banking or Paypal details. The event is registered once we receive the payment. You will receive a confirmation sheet at the end of the registration process. You will also receive an electronic confirmation and invoice via email. 

From that moment we will put you in contact with the Speaker and give you support for any questions regarding the event. If you have ordered extra products (books) to hand out to your audience during the event, these will be shipped 15 days before the event.

The event price is € 3,750 + Vat if the event takes place in any European country. For any other country please expect an additional travel and stay fee that will be agreed case by case.

Companies wanting to buy multiple events for different locations are entitled to a special discount.