DMA Communication introduces the individual communication coaching – ten days that can change your business life

Communication is key to successful business. We acknowledge there are two fundamental steps in the business career of any successful individual. 
A first step, typically at a younger age, in which the foundations of your communication take shape in terms of skills, style, charisma and influence. These elements make you stand out and find your way.
A second step in which you have knowledge of your capabilities, you’ve found your way, you are conscious of your potential. That is the time you need your communication skills, style, charisma and influence to up your game adequately.
In any of these times a high profile communication pro steps in and can truly make the difference in your career. Surprisingly, many businesswomen and businessmen we’ve met and coached, didn’t expect how much their choice of having a communication pro step in, would make the difference.

Our communication coaching for individuals makes the difference and is tailored around you and your requirements. Since the first contact we will help you assess exactly what you need to step up and help you all the way through. The course takes ten days. We give you a tailored 1-1 communication coaching to help you engage every audience, every time.